Thursday, 26 April 2012

Gifts for newborn babies

It can be hard looking for the perfect gift for a newborn baby. But here at TinyTotshop we have lots of suggestions.

We sell really cute Trumpette baby socks, in various shoe styles, including girl ones with bows on, for that over the top cuteness that is perfect for newborn babies. They even come in a presentation box.

We have beautiful soft toys from Jellycat, in the softest, cuddliest designs you can image. With everything from Bunnies - which come in Honey, Treacle, Beige, Cream, Chocolate, Pink and Lilac. There are Elephants, Tigers and Lions. We even do a Cordy Roy Dinosaur.

Also available is a wide selection of the JellyCat comforters and soothers, with designs from ponies to Bunnies - all in the most amazingly soft, strokable material.

We sell the Raggy Tag range of baby blankets, providing beautiful comfort blankets for babies, the special edition ones are made out of liberty fabric, and they all come in a little bag - ideal for giving as a gift.

If you are looking for a rattle, then manhattan toys have the Winkle - which is a collection of colourful teething loops which radiate from a rattle in the centre. Can be refrigerated to cool the loops and sooth baby’s gums. and the Skwish, This wonderful baby activity toy from the brilliant Manhattan Toy is called the 'Skwish' because you can squish it and it pings back to its original shape! Made from brightly painted wooden rods and beads this superb little toy bounces and is almost indestructible. Designed specifically to encourage development of motor skills in babies, this toy is a great little gift idea for a new baby. Height 12cm. Suitable from birth.

Another suggestion is Inch Blue shoes - made of soft leather in hundreds of different designs, there is something for everyone.

Finally I want to mention our Dribble ons and Skibz - everybaby dribbles and they are the stylish solution. Baby look great, and you can change the bib, rather than all their clothes.

Good luck with your search for the ideal baby gift, I hope we have helped and if you have questions we would be delighted to hear from you at: - or have a look at our website:

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Baby Swimming nappies

We have added the Splash about baby swim nappies to our range. Whether you are going to your local swimming pool or on holiday, these are ideal for baby.

Just a handful of the benefits of the fantastic and original Happy Nappy:-
 Vastly minimises leaks of solids.
 Insisted upon by most UK baby swim schools.
 Can be worn with or without a conventional swim nappy.
 Supple fabrics for a comfortable fit.

Find them here at:

Sunday, 8 April 2012

We have been learning about Twitter

Here at TinyTotshop we have been learning all about twitter. Why not follow us at

I have just used it to wish all our customers a happy easter and mention the lovely blossom bunnies we have available.

We also now have a huge range of trumpette socks for boys and girls.

Finally we now have stock in again of all the Skibz - the best solution to baby and toddler dribbling that we can find.